September came to an end with our usual monthly trainings under the 2016 Career Positioning Program. It was the fifth  training that took place over the last weekend of the month with Ms. Cathy Kiseka, the Human Resources Manager of AAR Insurance Services and a big supporter of Re!gnite work, as one of the lead facilitator.  She led a session on “Cover Letter Writing” during the first half of session from which she shared tricks on what employers look for in candidates during a hiring drive.

The second half of the training was led by Emmanuel from FHi 360 who took participants through the “Basics of Formal Writing”. During the session, Emma introduced most common forms of written communication in offices and then led participants through a rigorous practical session on the writing process. He  illustrated formal writing common mistakes and key lessons in the workplace using personal examples and testimonies.

Overall, this session was very helpful in preparing participants to become more accustomed to communicating formally especially if they are looking to be formally employed. All these help to enhance reputation and career positioning, which is the overall goal of this program.