Reignite Africa group photo

Re!gnite Africa has implemented its annual Career Positioning Program for three years now and it has directly worked with 200 participants at an individual and group level. However, the impact of this program has reached 400 – 500 people through a ripple effect. Due to the holistic and practical nature of our trainings under this program, participants are not only prepared for the job market but are equipped with other skills such as social entrepreneurship, leadership, and advocacy skills to enable them create solutions to social problems in their communities. For example, young leader Sophie Nabukenya from the 2016 cohort was selected to be the youth ambassador on teenage pregnancies by Plan International Uganda; Sarah Owembabazi, another of our young leaders from the same cohort, is the current President (2017-2018) of Uganda’s Technical and Management University (UTAMU), a club serving youth groups and communities around this university in Kampala north suburbs. Joan Nagujja, from the 2015 class is currently employed by Akina wa Maama Africa, among many others. We also have past social entrepreneurs such as Jovia Apio and Mugisha Obed, who after their trainings under our career program, were selected for the prestigious Ugandan Building Tomorrow Fellowships and now lead social enterprises Tough Love Africa and School of Inspiration respectively, to transform the education industry in the country. Vincent Adebasiku, another passionate young leader from our program, is the Founder and Executive Director of the Foundation to Foster Youth in Madi Sub-Region, a community organization serving youth in Madi, a west Nile sub region of Uganda. His organization serves many other youth groups and community members on key issues of health, girl child empowerment, entrepreneurship. Overall, of the 50 participants we have worked with directly, 42 of these have a job, a volunteer position or are involved in a community initiative of their choice. We are still working with a few others to help them find gainful employment.

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