By Sarah Owembabazi, Re!gnite Africa Youth Leader

Youth in our local communities are faced with challenges that not only affect us but the entire world. Equally, the untapped potential and opportunities are very many.  Yet, our societies are faced with a population of adamant youth who want to blame it all to the poor education, poor family background, the government, religion, corruption, politics, lack of connections, among other factors. Let us stop blaming the government for our failures; instead, we should stand up for ourselves and think of what we can do for a better future of our generation. Offer something and the world will appreciate it, and finally, you will earn (and learn) from it.

Currently, the older generation is distant from the new generation. It is common to hear of older people cursing children/youth instead of giving them proper advice or mentorship. One time I was issuing out medicine to different sick patients in a queue at one of the free Rotary medical camps. They were so crowded  to me that I could hardly read out their names from the list; so,  I requested they  create more space and next to me were children who refused to move to the back when an old lady behind them immediately — with a lot of anger– exclaimed; “children of these days!” It is not the first time I have heard this statement; many elders use it to refer to youth who behave in ways that do not meet their expectations. The best approach should be talking to youth politely so they understand the fault and certainly change.

Let the old generation not only blame us but guide us as well. Equally the youth of today should listen to senior and experienced persons. The old generation probably knows a secret to your successes that you can only find out if you are polite and humble enough to listen.

One wants to drive the Mercedes Benz immediately after school even without knowing its cost or how you will raise a penny to purchase it. A generation that will lose a pound trying to get a penny for today.  My fellow youths don’t look at today’s Penny. For that penny will vanish today and will not get you returns. Be ASSERTIVE, patient and look forward to a pound as those who dream big and focus on the future will get hiccups but will finally be there,

The values that our parents or even our education systems have not instilled in us with the emerging technologies in this globe we can help each other youth through information sharing as well as doing a little research on your passions, potential. Identify that own skill and build on it.

Let us create options, solutions and stop finding people to blame for our current undesired status.  Get out of your comfort as well as consolation zones and do something, be of value and the world will search for those values equally search for your name. 

This value can be as simple as Trust. Everybody will look for that trustworthy person. This is a simple example of how to find solutions to people/ business problems because everybody is looking for problem solvers to create a better world.

 My dear fellow youth,  lets us create a long-lasting relationship with each person we meet, grow your trust and build on that one value that you own. Identify that value it might belong to only you and the world will search for that value which you alone will determine the cost.

“I refuse to be among the children of days. I will be a proud child of those days and equally guarantee to guide the next generation”

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