Alice has not only distinguished herself as a creative young lady but also an environment protection advocate. She utilizes industrial waste such used car tyres and polythene bags to make nice bags, shoes and sandals in different sizes and types which she sells at varying prices ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 Uganda shillings depending on the style and quality of the client’s choice.

Alice says that after her degree in art and industrial design at Kyambogo University, she decided to embrace the skill that she acquired to create her own job and she is so proud of her business. With little support, Alice’s business is driven by her passion to add a building block to the development of Uganda through protecting the environment using art.

“I am so passionate in saving the environment and my country using the skills I acquired while
at the university” said Alice. She calls upon youths to make use of the different skills they have to develop the country. Alice has a dream of taking her business to greater heights by establishing various branches around the country. Alice is one of those who show cased her works on the International Youth Day Celebrations at Kyambogo college sports ground on August, 12, 2017 in Kampala.

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