We are excited to kick off our 2017 Annual Career Positioning Program! Like previous programs, the 2017 cohort is small and intimate, with an admission of 21 fresh graduates and finalists from different academic and professional disciplines that include scientists, aspiring advocates and entrepreneurs, among others. Unlike previous programs, this year’s program introduces better and more refined approaches to training seminars with young leaders – who are alumni of the program – joining some sessions to share their experiences and others co-facilitating in others.

For example, Jovia Apio and Immaculate Kanyunyuzi, both alumni from the 2016 CPP cohort and are currently Education Fellows with Building for Tomorrow, co-facilitated the orientation seminar together with Mr. Amos Zikusooka, one of the Directors at Re!gnite Africa. They shared their experiences with the new group, tipping them on best ways to approach the career development program and how to make the program work for them, especially those with other work and volunteer commitments. Furthermore, Sophia Nabukenya, another alumnus also from the 2016 cohort and a current national young leader on youth sexual and reproductive rights, and ambassador on Teenage Pregnancies with Plan International, co-led the second seminar on ‘personal branding and self-awareness’ for the modern workplace.

As is the tradition, the 2017 cohort elected Mr. Agaba for president and Lynet Ampiire for vice president.
With the new group come new young leaders ready to go out and change the world. We are committed to working with them to enable them discover their career, leadership, and advocacy journeys on the path to success. However, we also remind them that the onus is on them to get the most out of this program. Like Mr. Zikusooka always says; ‘if you attend all the seminars, take notes, engage with all the facilitators, do all the necessary take homes, trust me you will gain from this twice’

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