The current social and political state of affairs in Uganda today presents a pressing need for young leaders to rise up and contribute more to development of their communities. Young people, who form majority of the country’s population, must rise to this occasion now more than even. Many are doing it through various entrepreneurship, community service, and leadership. But it is not enough.

They must learn about the important role governance, policy formulation and implementation, and advocacy plays in sustainable development. This is why it was important for this year’s Cohort of Young Leaders to get training in advocacy, a skill they need to possess as they continue building their communities.

The Center for Health and Human Rights in Development (CEHURD) hosted our young leaders for this advocacy training. Using the organization’s social justice approach to health rights for all Ugandans, the team led by Ms. Primah Kwagala educated young leaders about the concept of advocacy, what it entail, why it matters in development, and how it can be incorporated in one’s leadership journey. Practical examples of CEHURD’s work with the moots approach with young lawyers was used and videos of past cases the organization has successfully handled were shared with young leaders.

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