FLYER-2018-1Re!gnite Africa is excited to announce its call for applications to the 2018 Career Positioning Program. This annual program is open to ONLY fresh graduates with less than one year of professional experience in need of career development opportunities.
This is a competitive program limited to 30 outstanding and self-driven young leaders to prepare them for the modern workplace of any field. Qualified candidates are taken through a FREE seven weeks course on various career topics, and are paired with mentors to assist them in their search for jobs and internships. It also involves site visits to organizations with opportunities for employment.
Why would this program suitable for you? Submit a half page answer and your CV to Only outstanding candidates will be contacted! For more about this ane other programs, check the Re!gnite Africa website at
This year’s program will be implemented in partnership with MAAD Advertising and Dreamline Products Limited. Deadline is JUNE 30th, 2018. SPREAD THE WORD

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