We are excited to welcome the 2019 Cohort of Fellows under Re!gnite Africa’s Career Positioning Program! Only 20 participants were selected out of over 60 applications in a very competitive selection criteria.

The annual program, that targets fresh graduates nationwide, commenced with phase one that consists of in-person trainings that cover the theoretical aspects of the program. These aspects center employability skills and having the right mindset for work. This phase was carried out in three weeks starting in Mid August.

Phase two, that commences on September 9th, will consist of site visits to organizations (such as Ensibuuko, UNCDF, etc), mentor-mentee pairing and sessions, and structured mentoring events also commonly known as Mentoring Nights. During this phase, fellows will work on their professional targets and goals in close collaboration with Re!gnite Africa support teams and technical partners. These targets and goals usually include acquiring jobs, starting social enterprises, improving their public speaking skills, etc.  The third and last phase will involve fellows receiving a graduation certificate and ongoing mentoring support from the team.Fellows who complete all requirements of the program receive Certificates of Excellence and Participation at the end.

This hybrid program targets highly motivated young professions fresh out of university and from various disciplines, and prepares them for working world by equipping them with critical thinking and problem-solving skills and practical soft and technical skills in their fields of expertise, and offering  them mentors to guide them throughout their experience. Below are some faces from the cohort!


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