What’s the issue?

Making a transition from school to work is an uphill battle for most youth in Uganda. There is no guarantee that one’s good education will earn them a decent job. The education system is theoretical and often inadequate, incompatible and/or inapplicable to today’s market demands yet most graduates are waiting are trained to be job seekers instead of being problem solvers in their communities. The economy does not have enough jobs to accommodate the thousands graduating annually. The process of getting work is even harder for youth from underprivileged backgrounds with no connections or easy access to school-to-work transitional programs that bridge the skills gap and provide a smoother move to the modern workplace or equip them with skills to start their own business.

What have we done about it?

That is why Re!gnite Africa has, for the past four years, prided itself in helping young adults build meaningful careers and leadership journeys. The organization offers young adults programs that provide: school-to-work transition support through mentorship, career guidance, professional development, and leadership and advocacy trainings; and a platform that amplifies their voices and agency for/ and in today’s working world.  Thanks to the generosity of friends and a few individual donors, we have been able to impact lives of over 1000 youth.

Young people such as Immaculate Sanyu, currently a Data Analyst with the Transparency Project, have benefited from these programs. Sanyu was part of the 2019 Cohort of Fellows of the Career Positioning Program,  and from this, she gained networking knowledge and skills that she has leveraged to grow and move up the career ladder.

“I got to know who I am and what I want to be known for professionally and developed the right attitude for the workplace. On top of gaining excellent CV and cover letter writing skills which I believe every young person ought to know, I got to understand that I needed to get to know my dream employer really well because it is part of the “getting the job process,” Sanyu shares.

While supporting young people such as Sanyu, Re!gnite Africa has partnered with local private and public organizations and individuals to create a powerful and transformed generation of young leading professionals and change makers who are competent, productive, and actively engaged in creating change in their communities. Kindly join us to scale this impact.

How much do we seek?

Re!gnite Africa seeks to raise $3,000 for its career positioning, leadership, and advocacy programming to reach 5,000 young people over the next 12 months. Donations will enable us reach more ‘Sanyus’ from public universities, out of school youth, and young community leaders and advocates with little to no access to such programs.

This fund will go to;
1.       Bringing career positioning services to universities: Facilitating six major public outreach workshops on career positioning in three upcountry public universities targeting 1500 finalists to prepare them for the modern workplace with 21st century employability skills and mentorship. These workshops are critical in bridging the school-to-work skills gap. These programs address the unemployment issue by offering young people with;

·         21st century soft skills, confidence and mindset change for them to  become competitive in the job market
·         Practical trainings in critical thinking and problem solving to prepare them to be better entrepreneurs, leaders and advocates entrepreneurs
·         Connections to entry-level jobs, apprenticeship opportunities, and mentors by leveraging our partnerships and contacts

2.       Establishing an online advocacy platform to amplify youth voices: Establishing and producing ten episodes of a youth online talk-show to raise consciousness about critical employment, livelihood, and labor rights-related issues to 5000+ other young people. The show seeks to provide an analysis of topical youth-employment related issues while giving youth leaders and advocates an opportunity to share their perspectives with followers on these issues to influence agency, views, and call to action on policy issues such as; creating friendly taxation policies for small scale enterprises, advocating for safe guarding policies for youth seeking external labor opportunities in foreign countries, etc.


Breakdown of funds

1.       $15 to cover monthly internet services for 10 graduate mentees during mentorship and professional development sessions
2.       $30 for facilitation of a volunteer trainer and/career coach
3.       $50 t cover costs for course materials and logistics during a training with 50 fellows
4.       $ 100 to sponsor one young adult’s training and mentorship from start to finish
5.       $500 to sponsor a career outreach in a public university
6.       $1000 to sponsor two university career outreaches
7.       $ 2,000 to cover research and content development for the online advocacy platform

For more about Re!gnite Africa, check out

Website: www.reigniteafrica.org
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/ReigniteAfrica/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ReigniteAfrica

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