The impact of COVID-19 on everyone’s social and economic wellbeing is a reminder that the pandemic is not only a health crisis. As we continue to make sense of it all and forge a way forward, it is important for us to deliberately and critically reflect on how the pandemic has affected our ways of living and working.

We are excited to share reflections on the impact of the global pandemic on our lives and ways of working! The six-part series will explore key issues such as mental health, current human resource opportunities and challenges, digital migration, and how to conduct businesses online, labor relations, etc. We will host different experts for informational sessions about these topics and streaming these conversations live to our social media pages.

Will you join us? This link lists all our upcoming events:

  • Tackling mental health challenges this season (May 5th at 2:00 pm EAT)
  • Making use of available opportunities: A human resources’ perspective (May 6th st 4:00 pm EAT)
  • More coming up..

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