Most of Africa’s overall population is young with 65% being below the age of 35 years. It’s this segment of the population that has been hit hardest by unemployment. The World Bank indicates that youth in the continent account for 60% of the unemployed population. Take Uganda, for example, according to the 2014 national census the country had a population of 38.85 million people.

It’s critical to observe that 78% of this population is under 30 – the world’s second largest population of young people.

Many of this youth population falls into the 83% category of the unemployed in the country as estimated by the African Development Bank.

Re!gnite Africa believes that Africa’s growing unemployed population will lead to widespread hopelessness. A hopeless and disengaged citizenry will, in turn, add to the continent’s health, social, and environmental problems. We also believe that this young population is an untapped potential that, when put to use productively, can enable a country to grow into a better, just and more prosperous economy with an engaged citizenry. We equip young people with the tools and platforms they need to pursue their career dreams, engage in meaningful conversations and activities about social change and justice for sustainable growth and development.