Re!gnite carries out career development initiatives that meet career growth needs of young people to enable them to become more industrious and productive to society. These programs include the Career Positioning Program (CPP) and the Dream-Job Connect. Below is a detailed overview of one of our career programs:

Career Positioning Program

Re!gnite offers a competitive Career Positioning Program (CPP) for fresh graduates. This program orients youth into the job market and equips them with the skills and knowledge they need to apply to become employable. In addition, the program rigorously trains fresh graduates to promote their professional profiles for internships and different career opportunities in health, entrepreneurship, science and technology, and environmental conservation.

The program takes qualified youth through a two-month Career Orientation course and later places them at various organizations for internships/apprenticeship and job opportunities. This is a free but very competitive program for committed and dedicated fresh graduate candidates. Recruitment and acceptance into the program happens twice a year.

Topics such as self-awareness, personal branding, problem-solving, cv/resume and cover letter writing, advocacy skills, basic writing skills, and entrepreneurial skills are covered. Trainings around these topics are supplemented by practical field excursions, professional development workshops and online databases for career connections for participants.

Re!gnite works hand in hand with local, national and international partners to ensure that program participants have access to apprenticeship opportunities inform of practicum, internships and jobs nationwide and internationally.

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