With hope comes life

By  Gareth the Poet

It came by storm we never saw it coming. Even if we were running at our highest speed it still caught up, racing through our bodies as our hearts were pacing, beating like it was our last. And indeed this nightmare came to pass, what was once a warning became a reality check, as we were examined and checked we could only wait for our death certificates.

All was lost with our heads down praying that this was just a dream, as it seemed to be our time to sleep forever. At the moment asking for 19 minutes, 19 seconds more but sadly there was nothing we could do anymore. COVID 19 more than a virus, it is a murderer taking lives wherever it goes, leaving a trail if coffins and broken hearts therefore breaking us.

It hurts every time we think about it, this epic pandemic justifying the apocalypse, the end is near as the world becomes a wasteland with this virus devouring us and turning us to waste.

There a thousands of reasons to lose hope but hope is the only thing that should be contagious. So even in this painful contingency of quarantine hope should grow amongst all of us.

We were cut off from our jobs unable to earn a living so that we could keep on living. At the cost of our freedom leaving us poor and hungry as we hunger for the end of this chaos. All our hard work our businesses stopped because of this invisible killer making our hardships visible. Our economy broken by this plague, what happens to the families relying on shops, poverty at it’s peak as all business is stopped.

We were given a directive to avoid contact with those we love. It’s hard to imagine that the greatest allowed public display of affection is a simple elbow bump. As we socially distance ourselves to lengthen the time we have left. But all will be well, the trauma caused by this atrocity will fade faster than the damage caused by this disaster.

I don’t know if it will get better or worse but the worst thing would be to believe that nothing will get better. With thousands gone all we have left is hope and each other. Even when the world wilts into nothingness, when hope is lost there is truly nothing. Dove c’e’ speranza c’e’ vita. When hope is lost, life is lost too.