A day came when everything changed

People could no longer live as they used to live

Staying indoors became the order of the day

All due to COVID-19


Students, Employees, Employers told to stay home

Sources of income closed

People could no longer access their businesses, offices

Being found working in large numbers became a crime

All due to COVID-19


Transport closed

People could no longer travel

Moving from place to place, long-distance traveling restricted

Traveling on foot became the order of the day

Because being congested and in public places could let the virus spread

All due to COVID-19


Economy strained

Taxes reduced in every sector in a short time

Because people could no longer work

Earn revenues to pay taxes

Government struggling to revive the struggling economy

Youths became stranded

Because most of them could no longer work

To earn themselves income to be self-sustainable

Became a problem

Almost 75% of youths became stranded and miserable

Because of unfavorable living conditions

All due to COVID-19


Employees living in fear of losing jobs

Because they could no longer work

And businesses not bringing in income

Employers forced to lay off workers

Whether competent or not

All due to COVID-19


People forced to stay home

In order to fight the spread of the Corona Virus

And also to protect lives and those of their families

All due to COVID-19


Families had to be together

Cases of Gender-Based Violence increase in most communities

Because of poverty and intolerance

Not used to staying together all the time

All due to COVID-19


Stigma arises

Discrimination of recovered COVID-19 patients, strangers

Not associating with these people

Because of fear that the virus could get them

All due to COVID-19


All in All

Let’s show LOVE


Let’s follow GUIDELINES

Because together we can fight COVID-19