Is this everything?

Seven, six, one, seven, five;

Four, two, five, eight, six, eight;

Perhaps the numbers do not give a clue!

With sorrow, I say they are people, “Cases”could be the right word. Deaths, Positives.

How did we get here?


With unproven conspiracy theories,

We believe its the Virus, The corona Virus, Covid19,

Literally it is the Pandemic.

What do you do when the happening comes up?

When you are dawned with the unexpected.

Countdown lockdowns, nationwide

Curfew time, Unavoidable behavior change,

Everything changes in a flash of light.


It was one day, a very bright day that turned out to be a shadow,

A shadow that turned the whole world dark and upside down,

Everything was closed, schools and colleges,

Bars, the malls, arcades, transport systems, Parks,

Everything, Churches and congregations, masses were no more.

Guidelines to follow and live by. Such a tragedy!


What do I do when I am becoming distant from God, Rather than getting Closer.

I never thought the church could be part of my belief,

Could the virus have left me for a PAGAN?

For I have cried to God to take it away,

But the sickness keeps spreading, killing, and destroying.

My life has changed . . .


I do miss the boda rides,

With the whispers that were always carried b y the light wind.

I do miss out the shouts from Random taxi operators;

“Ssebo Ogenda?”

“Bukoto, Kamwookya Ntinda.”

The wild crazy taxi park.

All of that taken away by the Virus.

You can barely walk without a mask,

For death is roaming about the streets that were once filled with life,

Friendly handshakes, Love filled hugs,

All stolen away in the name of safety.


We are living in fear because of the invisible enemy.

The late-night lights were beautiful in the night,

The streets filled with cheer and joy throughout the weekend nights.

Clubs and bars not only keeping us entertained,

But also keeping another person’s life earning.

Well, it’s sad that they are closed now,

Curfew time will not let you see how beautiful the city is in the Night. The virus.

I am worried that I am living on my business Capital now!

For my only source of income is inaccessible,

The government only allowed malls,


The workplaces for the Upper Class(THE HAVES).

It is not their fault but it is not my fault either, I belong to the have nots.

I pay taxes too, I pay rent, I have dependents, I have life.

25% off my salary without explanation,

As if my opinion does not matter,

Because I am an employee and they are managers.

A few days later, I receive a letter,

Laying me off of my duties and services would be okay,

But it’ s a letter of dismissal “you are dismissed!”

COVID19, please go easy on me.


For I still have school, college to be more precise,

My University believes in electronic mails, and yesterday,

I heard that the time table is out. I am not sure whether it’s mandatory to attend;

The internet is way too expensive for me,

I do not own a personal computer;

How am I going to be able to learn like others?

Maybe I do not deserve an educated future.


Will I be able to survive?

What am I going to become after this?

Is there a life for me after the Virus era?

Will there be an aftermath?

Why doesn’t the virus take me with it?

After all, I don’t think it’s worth it anymore.

I Need Answers.

love Jeff.