The earth turned an abyss;

One or two can’t meet its satisfaction goals, If it has any.

Even when its hundreds of thousands,

It keeps still in its cravings.


Let’s pray

The winds still locomote back and forth

But with them,

It’s the identical news as yesterday,

As the other day;

Souls breathing their last,

Swollen eyes itching amid tears,

Hearts aching with pain.

It’s a pity.


In the depth of pain and apprehension,

Amidst cold hopelessness

Coated with incomprehensible uncertainty,

We can only ask:

Is there an end to this?

Shall we smile again?

Shall we develop the itchy feet again?


What of the dances in circles and courting twos, Shall we?

But still the skies in all their bluish,

Stare at us with no answers.

Let’s pray.

The enemy:

He is a callous one;

Robbed us of our mundane,

The pipe of rubies and charity.

Even the most essential of all

He has robbed of us;

Hope and faith.

At the offset, he shrank them


Then bludgeoned them to pieces.

It’s now murky days, no illumination.

Can we pray?

But how do you pray?

How do you pray these days?

These days;

That are dripping sadness to provoke emptiness,

So proud of their cruelty as they are rich in gloom,

Heavy at heart and lonely at moments


More so when you’re devoid of hope and faith.

Yet you know in your knowess that you must pray.

The loss;

It’s a weighty one

Each has had a price to disburse

But is it really price or ransom?



Some, it’s an enterprise gasping for breath, Some, it’s an income unrealized,

Others, it’s a loved one lowered into the depth of the soils,

Or a relationship caught in development hell.

It’s a bitter pill some will never swallow.

So once more how do you pray?

Do you scream or murmur in tongues;

With fingers clenched and legs caught in knot

Then roll and crawl in your tears?

Okay, when you do,


Is the intercession just for your self?

Or to the mind too, comes:

The ailing,

The hungry

The lying dead

Or it’s just you and the guilt?

The guilt of forgetting your partners

In sufferance.


Let’s pray

While being oblivious to the obvious cry uncle

Bequeathed to us by recent and present times

Even when the most essential,

Hope and faith are robbed of us.

Look, we can borrow the strength of belief;

Just shout to the skies,

Tell them your plight,

Their plight

And believe

That something,

Someone stronger than you are

Is listening.

Let’s pray.

By Kaijuka Ezron Rusoke