In regards to the reference, I would candidly want to say the scariest thing I have ever experienced in life was the outbreak of this Coronavirus. I truly thought the world was just ending because even the powerful states I very much trusted and thought would save the world looked even more frightened and shaken. This left all the least developed countries in great abyss of fear. It was just around two weeks to my final examinations when our president shutdown all learning institutions.

This was the immediate effect of COVID 19 I personally encountered, leave alone the other bigger and terrible effects like loss of lives, hunger, unwanted pregnancies, breakdown of many economies because now many states are not fully functioning. Some sectors are operating whereas others are closed because of lockdown. I believe in the long run many states will collapse. It’s a big lie to say that the outbreak of the Corona virus didn’t change your way of life. I witnessed a lot of strange things around the globe ever since this deadly virus came. Churches were closed even on Sundays. People washed their hands regularly without meals. My country lived for some short while without any public transport means.

However, everything has got its good and bad part. It was great having many families together. Children got to know their real dads. People learnt new words like quarantine, curfew, lockdown, etc.  Many wealthy individuals called upon, donated a lot in the fight against the virus. This underscored the importance of teamwork and unity.

The world immensely realized the need for vast number of scientists like Engineers and medical people. Many corrupt African dignitaries in the government realized that they shouldn’t have embezzled funds meant for development because some of them felt sick amidst the lockdown and narrowly escaped death while attending treatments in their corrupted home countries because flights were all banned and there was no way out.

I learnt that the whole world is controlled by just word of mouth. Nothing is more profound than leadership because there will never come a time when the world would do without leaders. However much the local citizens may try to fight crises like this next time, if the top leaders still make inappropriate decisions. The all effort will still come back to zero. It’s like running in circles. The world needs nothing more fundamental than just good leadership. We can have all the other good things like life itself, peace, education, good healthcare systems, infrastructure and so forth or NOT HAVE THEM AT ALL.

It entirely depends on the kind of leaders we put in power.  For instance, many countries wouldn’t have registered any single case of this virus infection had their leaders suspended flights and banned entry into their countries earlier. I finally appeal to everyone that we must learn to be leaders and NOT POLITICIANS and speak the truth boldly no matter the consequences if we want to make this world a better place. Please ensure you keep safe from this virus. Thanks!

Yours sincerely,  ABRAMO PATRICK OPIYA.