Youth Voices Program

Through the Youth Voices program, Re!gnite is dedicated to fostering the growth of young people to become responsible citizens that demand accountability about policies made for their communities. This program trains all participants to become community advocates by equipping them with policy advocacy skills they can use to demand for better policies, services and programs for their communities.

The process starts from self-awareness and how young people can tap into their passion and potential, followed by practical steps on how to identify key advocacy issues/problems in the community, how to develop an advocacy action plan and how to build necessary coalitions to champion your cause. Youth are trained to be advocates for better policies on youth employment, youth-friendly health care service delivery, growth and development of entrepreneurship, science and technology and environmental conservation to preserve a more sustainable future.

The Youth Voices advocacy engages participants’ in policy advocacy awareness creation workshops, debates and speaking opportunities to strengthen their capacity and seeks opportunities for them to speak out about them.

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Youth for Social Accountability 

Re!gnite Africa equips young people with social accountability skills to enable them engage in democratic governance processes; they put pressure on government and leaders at local levels to deliver on commitments around issues that affect their lives on a range of issues such as education, employment, and health.

One way Re!gnite Africa has done this is by piloting a health budget tracking toolkit that targets youth leaders at the district and sub-county levels. Re!gnite Africa has partnered with youth leaders it has skilled in the past to reach local levels in districts such as Ntungamo. Stay tuned for details.