Welcome class of 2016

Re!gnite’s 2016 Career Positioning Program (CPP) kicked off on June 10th, and we are very excited to meet our new cohort of professionals! We will work with this energetic group of trainees for seven weeks in an innovative program aimed at equipping them with skills and knowledge in career mapping and professional development to make them employable.


In addition, our program aspires to engage participants in rigorous professional development activities by working with various partners to ensure that trainees get access to capacity building and apprenticeship opportunities. CPP engages participants in monthly face-to-face trainings, one-on-one individual mentorship sessions, field visits/tours, team building and co-facilitating, among other fun and engaging activities.


The initial training class introduced participants to Re!gnite’s work and a general overview of the program. Trainees also used the time to get to know each other by discussing their interests and expectations of the program, and also set norms for the coming classes.
Guided by the Re!gnite team, trainees shared freely about what they hoped to achieve from the program and used the opportunity to elect class representatives. Congratulations to Ms. Sarah Owembabazi and Mr. Vincent Adebasiku for being voted Chairperson and Vice Chairperson respectively for the 2016 class.
Re!gnite’s CPP training is hinged upon the values of equal access and responsibility, excellence, and passion to ensure that participants get the most out of the program; participants are involved in every step of programming design and implementation to ensure that their needs are met.

Welcome 2016 class and we cannot wait to begin this journey together!

About the class
Sixteen participants were selected among over 40 applications received this year. The class is made of trainees with diverse backgrounds including biomedical sciences, engineering, accounting and financing, economics, business and management, to mention but a few. Their interests range from engineering, mathematics, budgeting, business management skills, monitoring and evaluation, public relations to environmental conservation, leadership, advocacy & policy formulation (feminist advocacy), social justice, youth empowerment, women’s issues, e.t.c.