The 2016 Career Positioning Program was successfully completed and celebrated on December 2nd, and for that, we are very proud! The trainees celebrated this great achievement in form of a cocktail party after completing eight weeks of intensive seminars held monthly on a wide range of career subjects that included: CV and cover letter writing, branding and self-awareness, advocacy and the science of networking, skills in budgeting and basics of formal writing, to mention but a few.


During the graduation ceremony, graduates were encouraged to continue seeking opportunities for growth, keep networking, and also sharing with other about any challenges, resources, and any other relevant information that could benefit them as a cohort now that they are ready for the modern workplace.

The graduation cocktail was graced by our 2016 career trainees with guest mentors, trainers, and friends of Re!gnite from The Innovation Village, FHi 360, WeKonnect Group, and Shagika, e.t.c, and was officiated by Mr. Morrison Rwakakamba, a Presidential Advisor from the Agency for Transformation.

We are very proud of the achievement of our 2016 class, and cannot wait to see what they achieve moving forward. We wish them the best of wishes moving forward and we will keep working with them to ensure that they make strides to achieve their dreams. To see more of the events of that day, check out our album via this link: