Re!gnite Africa equips young people with leadership and social accountability skills to enable them engage in democratic governance processes; they put pressure on government and leaders at local levels to deliver on commitments to address unemployment and it’s effects on today’s generation of young people. This is done through youth barazas and hearings, and other programs such as;

1.Youth Community Monitors

Inspired by a deep-seated passion to have youth more involved in social change initiatives and decision-making processes, Re!gnite Africa’s Rehema Namukose developed a detailed  training manual that youth advocates can use to hold local governments to account for policy and governance commitments made at the district level. It is a social accountability guide that uses budget tracking to assess the extent and ways in which the decentralized policy has delivered on commitments to provide healthcare services to communities at sub-county to district levels nationwide. RA has in the past worked with a couple of young leaders to customize this guide into a tool that works for their advocacy needs at the district level, and we would be willing to continue this partnership with any others interested.

The manual provides an easy guide on how to track health (or education or governance) resources mobilized, utilized and services delivered by local government. The tool is currently being broken down to easily digestible materials for sharing both online and offline for youth leaders to use while engaging with their leaders at all levels.


  1. Know Your Leader – Hold Them Accountable Campaign

The Know Your Leader – Hold Them Accountable program targets youth leaders at district council levels and the general youth population in two randomly selected districts at sub-county levels in rural Uganda. Youth living in rural areas are often vulnerable, marginalized, and forgotten by government and those in positions of power. DSC_2230The program aims to equip them with knowledge on important political processes and teach them ways they can engage with and monitor performance of their leaders especially in regards to their commitments to provide decent work to fuel economic growth and  good governance, aid youth in knowing their role in fostering democratic governance. The Know Your Leader – Hold Them Accountable program combines components of capacity strengthening and mentorship for youth leaders at district-levels and public education about political processes and governance for the general youth population at district and sub-county levels.

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