The 2018 Cohort of RA Fellows graduated to Young Leaders under the Career Positioning Program on November 9th in an intimate celebration that took place at the Innovation Village. We were very honored to have Mr. Francis Musinguzi, the Regional Director of the Advanced Leadership Academy, as the Guest of Honor.

Using Re!gnite Africa’s ‘Awakening the Giant in You’ slogan, Mr. Musinguzi inspired fellows to discover their purpose and ignite their leadership potential to create change in their communities. Below are some key take a ways from his captivating speech:

On #purpose:
—-Discover your purpose in life (Ask yourself the question; is this why I am here on earth? What are those things I would want to be known/remembered for?)

—-Once you’ve discovered it, guard it with your integrity from distractions. Don’t fall for shortcuts and ‘easy deals’ (cue: corruption)

—Read widely

On #leadership:
—-Don’t be comfortable in life. Everything can be stretched, including our inherent capacity as human beings. Break the shell of comfortable to discover the limits of what you can do!
—-Work hard, long, and smart. There is no shortcut to success (Ref to Ecclesiastes 11:6)
—–Always be the leader you have desired to have!
—-Believe in yourself and your dream
—-Become comfortable with people do not agree with you. This will stretch you into growth.

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