These are very extraordinary times! The whole world is grappling with the magnitude of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic to lives, health and wellbeing, economies, culture, productivity, among others.

As a youth-led and youth-focused organization tackling unemployment in Uganda today, our greatest concern has been the impact of the coronavirus pandemic to the livelihood and wellbeing of especially vulnerable youth populations.

We are following closely the measures and guidelines of  Ministry of Health, Uganda government, World Health Organization, among others to ensure that we adjust our programming and interventions accordingly and find best ways to support youth populations we target. In that effort, Re!gnite Africa offices closed on March 18th and moved to teleworking for all our support teams.

We are adjusting our work plan to fit with the times although we are still figuring out what that looks like. In the meantime, know that the following activities are keeping us busy for the next few weeks:

  • Fundraising for our upcoming annual activities
  • Assessing best ways to respond to effects of the pandemic
  • Updating our website blog and social media pages with the latest opportunities, inspiring stories of courage, and activities as responses to ongoing pandemic
  • Conducting oline mental health counseling services among other resources on how young people can move their services online
  • Webinars, tweetchats, and live streams with key policy makers, leaders and young people
  • Planning the 2020 Career Positioning Program considering the pandemic
  • Updating the 2020 workplan and adjusting activities accordingly

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