Focus: Focus demands sacrifice. As a young person, you cannot be excellent at everything. Neither can you have passion for so many things at the same time. Re!gnite helps young people identify and concentrate on the most significant cause or issue at a time for maximum results.

Responsibility: Each young person has a responsibility to become a resource for their community. This is why they need to know their rights and that of others to become better advocates and problem solvers. Society also has a responsibility to give young people the platforms they need to grow and thrive.

Excellence: Young people have so many skeptics and doubters. People who think they are too young to do this or that. Therefore, it is not enough to simply succeed at what they do. They must strive to be excellent and add value in every opportunity that they get.

Passion: To be excellent, each young person needs to identify a cause, issue or idea that they believe in most and are passionate enough to dedicate their entire life or a big part of their life addressing it.

Equal Access: Youth are the future of tomorrow; they deserve to have access to platforms that nurture their skills and connects them to technical expertise to grow their professional career goals.

Respect: Young people know what they want and we value that. This is why we work with them in designing programs about their future. Youth should be partners, not just beneficiaries of any program intended to help them.