We provide a forum for youth actors to connect, engage and contribute to new practices and lessons on youth employment policies and frameworks. The challenges that impact youth affect all of us. Finding solutions demands collaborative thinking and collective action to address the scale of the challenges facing young people worldwide. RA

  • Listens and documents voices of young people to inform on-going formulation, alignment and implementation of youth and employment policies
  • Conducts primary and secondary research on key unemployment issues
  • Curates best practices and simple M&E tools for actors and young people.
  • Develops policy briefs that inform policy formulation, alignment and implementation on youth and employment issues
  • Publishes best practices on employment policy implementation and practice in Uganda and other countries
  • Creates and updates a virtual centre for pre-employment support to provide on-going learning and support to young people

For details about our programs, please email us at info@reigniteafrica.org, or follow our Facebook Page.