By Lubega Isa

A call to promote me to a permanent worker after graduating brought me so much joy. This step ahead also increased my economic well being. However, not long into this enjoyment, the coronavirus pandemic struck, and I lost the permanent position.

I was sharing a single room with my brother at the time. Sharing a single room with my brother, and a few weeks into the lockdown, we started surviving on the prior savings little it was.

At the end of May, we came up with an idea of risking our last savings and invest it into a small business of Chapatis supplying them around our place of residence.  On the first day of our investment, we incurred a total loss but persistently we gave it a second & a third try.

Luckily enough later on we got positive results that now we are already earning something for our survival though it’s still little and yet our single room landlady is now in high demand for her rent.

In this survival for the fittest scenario, I have learned and tested the benefits of self-employment than those of employment. In addition to the above, it has improved my financial discipline in terms of saving & expenditure.

Therefore I hereby make a call to the government to improve on their mechanism of supplying food & safety equipments by using the various associations in the different localities and increase on the efficiency.

Leaders should start-up counseling sessions on top of the sensitization programs to overwhelm the citizens from stress, stigma, and depression that may lead to harm of their health.

In conclusion, I am looking forward to seeing the government inspecting the supply of the money that is put in place to help the youth during or after this lockdown.