COVID-19 After Graduation

By Mutesi Umihanny

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is a communicable disease and deadly flue with no cure believed to have started in animals, spread to humans who also transmitted it to other humans than the rest of the world.

The fact that its deadly disease without a cure vaccine with increasing cases of people being affected or killed by it left us no choice but to abide by the measures that have brought about a serious economic setback.

Pre COVID-19, like everyone else I had plans and a schedule I wished to follow without hindrances. The pandemic comes in during my last stage with the lockdown after graduating in January 2020. I had applied for scholarships abroad but all in vain since I will not only fail to go to the designated state but also fail to get a passport and visa courtesy of the closure of the ministry of internal affairs.

The pandemic not only blew my plans of getting a job but also whisked away any hopes I had for getting one as I cannot go for interviews with this lockdown nor create my own as there is nowhere to buy business assets and capital is apparently used for sustenance.

Hopelessnessinaatthatam in a third world state where jobs were problem prepaid emic going to be worse post-pandemic as instead of recruiting there shall better minating due to the losses the pandemic is causing to different businesses. DareIhopeinlucktofindajobpostpandemic?Whenshallthishappensincethereis no time limit am literally waiting for the way forward.

It gets worse, being in third world state where the government’s attempt to sustain its citizens is continuously failing due to corruption and lack of enough funds. I have to encroachonmysavingsthatIhadplannedonusingascapitaltosustainmyselfnotto forget that the standards of living also keep getting higher because vendors also have families to sustain and there is low production which has caused low supply making the prices to go high courtesy of the high demand. This to me is a serious economic drawback.

I am an unemployed recent graduate at home in a corrupt third world country, hopeless with continuous decrease in my savings and spending plans that are utterly and completely dependant on the lucky time when the cure shall surface. As other people lost their jobs, I was deprived of a chance to any source of income and this is an economic disaster.