I met Covid19 the same way I met my first period,

And I wish my hands were 12years long,

So I could save myself from my low self-esteem.

I collected bloody bowels of lost money,

With constrictions of emotional stress,

Every time I lost access to my friends.

Some days,

I wanted to bleach my underwear,

Because I could not stare at unemployment’s stained shame.

I met Covid19 every sunrise,

When the night before I remember setting my alarm  clock ,

To wake me up in another world,

Where my leaders would counsel my fears away.

Because depression was another annoying period pain,

That I wished would disappear.

I wish opportunity would rain our way,

So we don’t thirst because we keep exporting our water away to foreign countries,

As they steal our wealth within our sight.

Maybe they could pain away our taxes,

And government can pad up their corruption,

The same way I made peace with my first period,

I know this is a mess we can clean up.

By Musiimenta Elizabeth