I crept in,
Crept in like a thief in the night.
Many unaware,
I left in despair.

With no regard for mankind,
I swept across nations.
The tides could not break me;
The oceans were not a stumbling block.

Ravaging across continents,
From Asia to Africa,
Young and old I devoured,
Poor and rich, I spared not.

I dispersed fear everywhere,
With a smirk on my face,
I looked on,
As the media chanted my name.

Yes, I am tremendously powerful,
I shut down borders,
I closed schools,
I made prisoners of families.

I am unsympathetic.
That young man’s plight does not move me.
He thought his business was picking up,
Only for me to smack him hard in the face.

That young woman,
Could not escape my wrath too.
With a huge grin,
I squandered all her life savings.

You might cry all you want,
Throw all kinds of tantrums,
But unless you unite and help each other,
The effects of my wrath will be devastating.

I thrive in disunity,
Selfishness and greed are my fertile ground,
Corruption is my best friend,
I am COVID 19 and I sign out.